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Who is barry sanders dating

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Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders has filed for divorce from his wife, Lauren, after 11 years of marriage.

"Basketball Wives" star Lozada was hospitalized for a laceration on her head, and Johnson was arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence charges.Barry Sanders and his wife are NOT playing nice in their divorce -- the couple is butting heads over EVERY conceivable point of contention ... but proceedings hit a rough patch because the two couldn't agree on how to divvy up their stuff. Barry and Lauren recently went to a mediator to help work out their issues ... The docs show the two are still battling over all 5 major issues in any divorce -- custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support and property. The NFL legend filed for divorce from his TV anchor wife Lauren Campbell-Sanders back in February ...The process is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, and it continues even after ...READ MORE Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but it can be especially hard on your children.The football great certainly isn't the first professional athlete to divorce.

Click through the slideshow below to read about some of the nastiest sports star splits: Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada's whirlwind 41-day marriage came to an end in August 2012 when Lozada filed for divorce from the former NFL wide receiver.

READ MORE I had a great time talking with the kids at the Boys & Girls Club.

I grew up going to the clubs as a kid and they taught me so much.

What she sees is so unique and so special that it reminds her why college recruiters from up the road and across the country have come knocking on her door. say that in so many ways, the Heritage Hall standout reminds them of his mother. She'd been a sprinter in the Clyde Ellis-led heydays at John Marshall High School, so she wasn't a sports novice, but his low-key demeanor didn't give her any clues as to who he was. They started dating soon after and were together for the better part of a decade.

She first saw him while preparing for the Miss Black Oklahoma Pageant, but a few months later when Sanders walked into the mall clothing store where she was working, House couldn't place him. He apologized and asked if he could take her out sometime.

The newspaper reports that a "breakdown in martial relations" was listed on the petition.