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Exception occurred updating the sas metadata repository

No changes were needed to the SAS deployments, it just required a few additional libraries to be added to the Arch installation.If you’re wondering , it’s because we need to test our Metacoda software with each of them. Tasks [MAIN ] [WAITING ] pri[ 5] reb[7FA9567434E0] WC[0] WN[1] [IDLETASK] [READY ] pri[ 9] reb[7FA9567434E0] [EVENTTSK] [WAITING ] pri[ 0] reb[7FA9567434E0] WC[0] WN[1] [sasxkern] [WAITING ] pri[ 3] reb[7FA9567434E0] WC[0] WN[1] [Session ] [WAITING ] pri[ 3] reb[7FA950D80300] WC[0] WN[1] [TKSRV ] [WAITING ] pri[ 3] reb[7FA950D808C0] WC[0] WN[1] [DMS Proc] [WAITING ] pri[ 7] reb[7FA950D81890] WC[0] WN[1] [Language] [WAITING ] pri[ 7] reb[7FA950D81890] WC[0] WN[1] [RESULTS ] [RUNNING ] pri[ 7] reb[7FA94BC90570] Traceback Traceback No Traceback Available No Traceback Available ERROR: Could not load /opt/sas93m2/apps/SASFoundation/9.3/dbcs/sasexe/sasmotif (34 images loaded) ERROR: lib 6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ERROR: BRIDGE FAILURE CALLING UNKNOWN. WARNING: Display of UTF8 encoded data is not fully supported by the SAS Display Manager System. ERROR: Java failed to start during the SAS startup.

One of the potential candidates is Arch Linux and so I’ve recently installed it, in a multi-boot configuration with the existing Ubuntu installation, to test it with our existing SAS installations.An inventory of configuration and content may influence the upgrade approach selected and will help to validate the success of the upgrade.There are many ways to accomplish this in SAS, but until recently none of them have been particularly easy. The server potion installed successfully, but during the middle tier install. This implementation is on a separate host from the server. [echo] Restoring to "/SASContent Server/repository/default/sasdav" for user "[email protected]" from "/seamnt/prd101/ecube/SASWeb Infrastructure Platform/9.3/Config/Deployment/Content" [echo] - I/O exception (Connect Exception) caught when processing request: Connection refused [echo] - Retrying request [echo] - I/O exception (IBM Web Sphere Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base and Network Deployment editions of release V8.5.

The following is a complete listing of fixes for V8.5 with the most recent fix at the top.

This is one of the things I love about running SAS on Linux.

The SAS software gets installed and configured once and the underlying operating system can be completely upgraded or replaced without having to re-install SAS.

They want to know what reports have been developed and where they are stored, what jobs have been modified perhaps in a certain time period, where data is located, or which users are members of which groups and roles.

This documentation of SAS metadata is often very important prior to any upgrade to a new release.

However, not all SAS Platform Administrators have the skills to write SAS code.