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A lot of Japanese women want a guy that tells them several times a day how much he loves them.

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And at the same time there’s only a very tiny number of foreign (read: non-Asian) women with Japanese men next to them. Maybe that’s a secret we’ll never quite get, but there are many theories!While it has about an eighth the user base of POF, clocking in at around 8 million, OKCupid is generally a lot of fun as it matchmakes using user-generated questions and quizzes, allowing users to determine how compatible their match might be with them. OKC has a Tindr like feature that allows one to rapidly rate other users, and if you and someone else rate each other highly, then OKC will let you know.It’s a good time and not quite the craziness that POF is.stay home, take care of the kids, always pour new alcohol into his empty glass etc.)."I prefer to go to a place I knew or had been to before.They’re not afraid of showing their feelings in public or telling their girls flat out how they feel about them. The extreme version of this is known as “gaijin hunter” and some will do everything for the sake of having one of those adorable “half”-kids (half Western, half Japanese) just to toss their foreign guy later on.

For foreign women it’s a completely different story.

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was one of the first dating websites and because of this, they have had time to develop and refine their matchmaking system.

They make some big guarantees: You can do most things on OKCupid for free, but like POF, there are perks available to “A-List” members, OKC’s term for premium users.

Before you start using that feature to flirt with other humans, we've compiled a list of GIFs that you'll definitely need for every Tinder situation.