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Windows explorer not updating

windows explorer not updating-80

I bought a new Dell PC (i5 processor) in September 2015 that included Windows 10 and all was well until a few days ago when folders and sometimes the desktop itself stopped refreshing the content.I can still refresh them manually but that's rather tedious.

UPDATE: Please also see the comment by tralala/Truth101/Guest below.Then I started to copy and move files and create shortcuts and delete old files or directories and other basic housekeeping chores on the new PC. For me, I mostly only notice it now after extracting files via the right-click menu using 7-zip, if I use Winrar from the right-click menu, it works as expected.DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM Please see the thread below: I am having this problem in spades. The use of the F5 key looks like the best solution your going to see for this at the moment. For those who may be reading this thread in the future, the "fix" for me was restoring the computer back to its factory default state.Did you install any app recently, that added itself to File Explorer - you can check that by right clicking and see if the app added menus and such?This is a problem that occurs in multiple Windows versions.The rational for this being that, supposedly, libraries too are needing to maintain their respective directory hard links, maybe competing with explorer's ability to refresh. I recently moved 300GB to an external drive, but I wasn't around to notice the issue, it took over two hrs to complete then my computer when to sleep afterward.

With that much data I usually take it in managed chunks, but I wanted to see if it would move it all over then power down to sleep after, which it did.

I actually suspect this is more to do with a Windows 7 coding issue rather than any third-party application.

The file and folder refresh problem occurs on the Windows 7 Desktop and Explorer and is a mighty frustrating problem.

Explorer has it's limitations I suspect, 3rd party alternatives may provide more robustness. Update: After using this change for a while I found that IE and Last Pass were acting strangely (On Win 8 RP). I do not know if the same would occur in Win 7 but I am not taking the chance.

I am not sure how or why this would happen, but it did. I just did a fresh install of Win7 Enterprise SP1 x64 on to an SSD and noticed auto-refresh was not happening as I went through my usual houskeeping routine.

Some Windows 7 users have reported to me that Option 1 & 2 didn’t work for them.