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Updating local policy with regedit

It’s assumed you know what you’re doing and you have created a full backup of your system before proceeding.Once you disable the option your computer will no longer get driver updates through the Windows Update service.

Defend Your Network From Wiki Leaks Vault 7 Threats The trove of CIA cyber hacking documents posted to Wiki Leaks Vault 7 contained many revelations for vendors and security analysts alike.This dictates what happens when the preference is applied: And that’s it!You can use this to simply (and I mean VERY VERY SIMPLY) add or modify registry entries on your VDI desktops.I then set it to the desired value (in this case a dword value of 00000001) to disable password changes and I ensure the action is set to “Update” as this key exists on all Windows systems.One thing you should take note of is the Action type at the top of the screen.By default the entries are set to Update If you ever notice that the hive column isn’t populated after the import, double click on the entry or right click and select properties.

Without changing anything click OK, this will then populate the hive entry. but if it isn’t populated the settings won’t get deployed, so it’s worth mentioning!

When using the Registry wizard, the remote computer must have the Remote Registry service enabled, otherwise you will be greeted with the error message “The network path was not found”.

To resolve this, enable the service on the remote machine with the following commands It will then allow you to select items from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS on the remote machine, if you need other areas of the registry you will need to install the Remote Server Administration Tools onto the reference computer and add the Group Policy Preferences Console via Programs and Turn Windows Features on or off.

Run through the same process on the remote machine’s console to import the relevant registry items. Now you can expand the entries we imported with the wizard to review.

RSAT for Windows 7 RSAT for Windows 8 In this example we’re okay, as we want to pull settings from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Browse to the required location and tick the required keys and values to import into the GPP. Common tasks are available, as usual with Group Policy Preferences, if you right click an entry and select properties, then choose the common tab.

Click Group Policy to open the local Group Policy object.