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Who is baby aka birdman dating

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“I’m starting every meeting like Birdman from now on,” he says on Twitter.If you've got it, flaunt it, that's clearly the mantra Daphne Joy (aka 50 Cent's beau) goes by.

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“LMAO BABY ON HIS GANGSTA SHIT,” 50 Cent writes for the caption of an image of Birdman and Lil Wayne, “when these two fell out, I told everybody stay away from that. #EFFENVODKA” Lil Wayne has an ongoing $51 million lawsuit against his father figure for reportedly holding . [email protected]” “Birdman ain’t here for the bullshit this morning nigga” The Game says with a screenshot from the interview.And in snaps on the beach on the same getaway, the star was papped wearing an even more revealing orange cut-out number that showed off her svelte figure - she really has got this swimwear thing nailed. ) see our hot picks below to ensure you sizzle on your next beach break.Her son is a model too: In March, 50 revealed his son Sire hand landed a modeling contract.“Toni and Birdman spent some time together backstage. This basically confirms that Toni Braxton is dating Birdman.Their love affair started a couple of months ago but on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at a concert in Atlanta, Toni Braxton invited Birdman to the stage.Earlier this year, Young Thug did an interview with Complex and spoke about wearing dresses from the little girl’s department.

In the interview, Thug explained that dresses on men were the new “in” thing, and others were copying his style.

On Tuesday, Wayne was feeling some type of way and dropped his mixtape “Who kept this shit together/Nigga me that’s who/ Who was there when niggas left /Nigga me that’s who /Cash Money is an army I’m a one man army/ and if them niggas comin’ for me I’m goin’ out like Tony/ Now I don’t want no problems I just want my money / Ain’t gotta hold no conversation or my luggage / Tell whoever’s countin’ that I’m on a hundred/ Birdman Jr., more like Ugly Duckling…” You can tell Weezy is really hurting right now.

But Birdman is truly unbothered by Lil Wayne’s hissyfit..

This is not the first time the 22-year-old Atlanta rapper has spoke about Birdman in a very affectionate way.

Earlier this year, he posted a photograph of himself and Birdman with the caption “Me and Stunna man aka @birdman5star lookin like a million !!!!

This Lil Wayne/Birdman lovers & friends/business associates situation stuff keeps getting messier and messier..