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Carbon dating stonehenge

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What we used to know as a single archaeological site consisting of a few rings of monoliths has been transformed into a huge prehistoric complex covering several square miles at least.The recent advancements in radar technology, which was used in locating these ruins, will no doubt shed much more light on Stonehenge in the months and years to come.

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The project so far has already added much information on Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman settlements that were once in the area, making it one of the biggest Bronze Age archaeological sites on the planet. This year will see the closure of of the A344, the road alongside monument.A plan for all major roads to be diverted via tunnels has been scrapped, for instance. Five trilithons (with three stones, a horizontal one capping two verticals slabs) were raised.C., anicent people built huge wooden enclosures, then burnt them down to the ground, near what is now Avebury, England.A massive, wooden, eyeglass-shaped monument in Avebury, England, that was set alight in ancient ceremonies may be 800 years older than it was thought to be, new research suggests.What makes the White Temple especially intriguing is its connections to Anu, the oldest god of the Sumerian pantheon (and one of the stars of the Epic of Gilgamesh).

It is also fascinating for the treasures it may well have housed, including the Warka Vase.

A long way from the quiet shires that house Stonehenge stands a building that is yet more ancient.

Perched at the top of the oldest existing ziggurat, in what is modern-day Warka, Iraq, is the weather-worn White Temple.

In a grave was found a gold earring which may be the oldest-known handmade gold object excavated in Britain.

Extremely rare, these gold objects usually occurred in pairs.

Bones found at a site near Stonehenge suggest that the site was a sacred wild-auroch hunting ground long before the monument was built.