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Dating of elko eared projectile points

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The Side Notch form may represent changes due to re-sharpening of the blade, or the difference may be due to placement of the notches higher on the blade to maximize basal width (Justice, 2002).

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They are found westward into the Sacramento River Valley. It is thought that these points originated from the east and migrated west.This pattern may also be seen at Shallow Shelter which had a concentration of Elko Eared points found in the same strata as Pinto points with Elko Corner Notch points having a higher concentration in the strata above the Elko Eared layer. Gatecliff Shelter) there are not temporal difference between the two points (Justice, 2002).Elko Eared and Elko Corner Notch may represent a continuum of technology which may make distinguishing between the two types difficult.Most of the prehistoric sites recorded on Volcan Mountain have been assigned to the Late Prehistoric period of San Diego's cultural chronology.The beginning of the Late Prehistoric period in San Diego County is generally considered to have occurred approximately 1,500 years ago (Moratto 1984; Rogers 1945; Warren et al. The exact beginning of this period may vary within the region (potentially earlier in the east and later in the west).This article has been abridged for web posting from a longer report that was prepared for CDF.

If you would like a copy of the print version, please contact the author at: [email protected] surveys were conducted on Volcan Mountain over a ten-year period (1991-2001) by the author.

This point is found through-out the Great Basin, into the Snake River Plain and into southeastern Oregon into the Klamath Valley.

These points may be found into the northern Colorado Plateau.

Crew labor was provided by volunteers, who were trained in site recognition and conservation.

As a result, over 60 sites were recorded and mapped.

He conducted extensive studies into the archaeology of California.