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Dating a girl with no friends

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In Hollywood terms, I’m still only the kooky (ugh) sidekick – the leading lady has to meet the man of her dreams and settle down before the final credits roll or the universe will collapse in on itself, but at least I’m allowed to exist.

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My point in saying this is that IMHO, we attract that to which we are.Do they seem them as either weird/creepy/or socially inept?Or maybe guys who are loners just tend to lack the social skills to be good at dating to start with, maybe that's more it. Girls can be super-shy and be approached all the time and still have a boyfriend. I am one because women are too catty for me, hate always having to keep my guard up around them.All the other kids were in hysterics and I was so embarrassed.’The torment continued at secondary school, where Hayley was shunned by other girls.‘One day, this girl who’d always had it in for me made a big scene about how she didn’t want to sit next to me.‘The teacher tried to intervene, which just drew attention to me.I could feel the rest of the class looking at me, my cheeks burned and tears stung my eyes.if a girl asks, just be honest and tell her that you choose to spend most of your time alone.

if she judges you or is put off by that, then she's not the right girl for you.

Just to ensure we’re cliché-ing our asses off, we also go for brunch sometimes. So yes, I find forming friendships with other women easy, and always have done – but why do we always pretend this is the case for everyone, all the time?

We’re starting to realise that we can’t have it all, and that marriage and babies isn’t for everyone, but when are we going to accept that female friendship isn’t the cornerstone of every woman’s life?

For when marriages fail, families feud, and colleagues conspire, surely it’s your girlfriends who pick you up again — or at least pour you a large glass of prosecco?

Yet for a surprising number of women, the mere idea of being part of a big group of females can be enough to fill them with horror.

We only started fetishising female friendship (beyond high school) in the last couple of decades (Bridget Jones, Sex and the City, I’m talking to you). For one thing, plenty of women simply don’t have the time – one of the most unrealistic elements of Sex and the City (more unrealistic than Carrie’s beautiful apartment and ridonkulous wardrobe on a writer’s salary) was the idea that four friends with busy careers, relationships, and later children, still found the time to meet up several times a week and talk on the phone several times a day.