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Top 10 most intimidating songs

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Most of all, they put a little bit of personality on display for the fans coming to the ballpark every day.

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British boxing’s great eccentric called himself “Simply The Best”, and he got it from this glossy ‘80s anthem – first a hit for Bonnie Tyler, then covered by Tina Turner.Esham – “9 Dead Bodies” Then their head pops off and rolls down the hall.Blood stains all on my shoe strangs, Two bodies swingin’ in the back, and they hang.” Esham’s “9 Dead Bodies” is horrifying for more than just the lyrics.Similarly, we felt compelled to Rickroll you right off the bat here.For a boxer, the perfect ring entrance song should do a few things. We didn’t include the Angels, because they don’t really have a closer at the moment, and didn‘t include a few others because we weren’t feeling their songs. “Amance” — Marco Barrientos ​Not a conventional entrance song, but it’s the most electrifying.

The ninth begins as a party, quickly dies down when Familia gets into a jam, then picks back up when he escapes.

Then, the closer's signature song will blare from the speakers, causing fans to erupt and sometimes clap or sing along. Some pitchers go with music meant to psych out the opponent, while others go with something that creates a more festive atmosphere.

Curious what each closer in the league decided to go with, we decided to rank the 26 best closer entrances.

When a closer enters a game, it’s almost as entertaining as the game itself.

As the pitcher jogs to the hill from the bullpen, the videoboard will show the pitchers’s face, or silhouette, or simply his name.

Halloween in mind, here’s our choices for the five most memorably horrifying horrorcore “cuts.” See Also: – The 25 Creepiest Heavy Metal Album Covers – The Most Bizarre Music-Based Halloween Costumes of 2012 5.