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Dating like your accent

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I can't even get the info about if this is an American or European company but I'm going to try to file a complaint with the BBB.Also, if you're thinking you might meet a good match here- it basically just Europeans that want a free place to stay when they visit America.

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So I must say many thanks for you and your site, it has found me at the age of 54 my first true love, and my extended family in Cheektowaga.My husband and I moved from Britain to Florida a while ago for his job, and at first, I spent most of my time helping him.Then I started thinking about what else I could do with my time. I toyed with the idea for a year, to be honest – my husband said that I couldn't possibly compete with the big boys of the online dating world, which at first put me off.Again, we have no idea who you are and as for degrading European as a Nation..., I see why you are writing a derogatory review anonymously. I began using this site back in 2013, met a really great guy and we started to talk.We met after 6 months of Skyping and wats apping (thank goodness for those apps).I will say that they tend to be nice, genuine people, who don’t look all like they’ve stepped out of GQ and Vogue.

Most of them are looking for something serious, not just a fling – after all, it’s a site designed to hook up people in different continents so if things get serious, you might have to move.

When you meet someone whose voice suggests they come from somewhere different, they always just seem that little more glamorous.

The site lets you meet Brits or Americans you live near, but a lot of people prefer to talk to people who actually live on the other side of the world. I want to say they're aged between 30-50, but there’s such a vast array of people on the site it’s difficult to say.

They are now planning their third trip to meet one another.

I highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking to meet quality people for long term relationship.

I found this company continued charging my card for 2 years after I cancelled- they do not respond to my MANY emails to cancel so I had to shut down my paypal account to stop it.