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Dating someone out of my league

Special guest post by Wellness and Nutrition Expert Danielle Pashko: I received a question recently from one of my male readers.

Assess your expectations before you think about continuing with this relationship.The only issue with this type of barrier is the logistics of making the initial contact.After you’re past this step, any disparity in background between you and your girl works to your advantage.However, most women won't completely discount you just based on how you look.In other words, the only way you can tell if you're out of a women's league is to show a woman you're interested, then actually talk to her and see if she is interested or not.This guy was average looking, had a decent job, but was clearly lacking in the confidence department.

There is definitely such a thing as a “mismatch” when it comes to dating.

Know what you want Okay, now you know yourself, but do you know what you want?

Why exactly are you pursuing this Greek god or godess?

His worry was that she seemed way out of his league.

He described her as tall, beautiful, successful, and extremely sweet.

While qualitative differences between you and the girl you want to date exist in your mind, there could be a legitimate barrier that you’ll need to overcome.