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Daddy dating gay video

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The fathers available to romance are Mat, Craig, Hugo, Brian, Damien, Robert and Joseph.

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One fan said that they were excited to play the game because it differed from other gay dating simulators.It features seven potential datable dads all with a number of endings to the game.Of course, the game features bad dad puns from the very start.The game follows a lonely single father who has just moved to Maple Bay with his daughter.On the street where he lives, most of the fathers are single, and the player has the option of romancing them. The new game by Game Grumps involves a virtual world in which players assume the character of a gay, single man who is a father to teenager daughter, Amanda.

Following the death of your spouse, you and Amanda move to a new neighborhood, which is conveniently filled with many other available gay dads for you to court.

At first blush, it would be easy to assume that the such a project, stemming from the gaming world, would be at best childish and and worst exploitative.

But instead it has been commended for its sensitivity on the topic of LGBT parenthood, and for the breadth of the game's inclusivity.

"The genesis of the idea for me was just about dads dating other dads," Gray said.

"The more that we worked on it the more we saw the opportunity to tell a story for this community that could be really important.

You get to build yourself as a hot dad and give them a “dadsona”, and then must navigate the dating scene of Maple Bay.