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Chemistry christian dating

However, it looks like you have given the relationship enough time to blossom in the passion department.

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But, they are also the basics for starting a great friendship. A secure, happy marriage includes a satisfying sex life. I am dating a guy, we started with emails and then a few more weeks of talking on the phone.When I met him and saw him for the first time I just wasn’t attracted to him physically.Biblical Christians, however, are called to think differently.We are to use Scripture as the measure of our desires.When singles ask this question, I normally suggest that they try a few dates to see if the attraction grows.

Lots of relationships started slowly with feelings and attraction growing over time.

At the end of the first date I decided to have a second date just because he was the sweetest guy and really fun… He has everything I was looking for in a guy but physically he’s just not my type.

Now we have been dating for a few months and I still don’t feel attracted to him. Sometimes I think that I need to be thankful for the qualities he has instead for what he doesn’t have. Do you think that I should continue dating and see what happens? Dear C, You have a very common question, and a common dilemma.

For most of us, attraction is something we only discover when we meet someone in person, and it often has precious little to do with looks. I’m sure we all know people who weren’t even a blip on our radar to start with, but who became incredibly attractive once we got to know them, thanks to their confidence, manner, humour and warmth.

Likewise, we all know people who are extremely good-looking, yet don’t float our boat at all – maybe they come across as cold or negative or uninteresting, or that indefinable spark is simply missing.

It’s a mentality that causes us to live in the moment, rather than building a future at the same time.