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When faced with the possibility of marriage, we can rightfully start to worry that we don't have all the answers to the mystery of sharing a life with someone forever.

How will the menu be different than everything that’s come before it? January 13th He covers savory, she covers sweet, and everything else comes together between them.When you’re sick in a bed with a cold/maybe flu, and your brain is so full of junk that writing real things for your words-job is impossible, there’s no more fun way to pass time than to browse the web in search of fodder for a fun online game in which to spring upon your radio guest… Writers, actors, and artists of all sorts tell stories about real life experiences, defending their choices, owning their truth, and leaving a trail of wisdom in their creatively-tuned path.We see them at the climax, the triumph, the TED talk — the ENDING. June 27th Weddings are magical, and many people dream of that singular day from a young age.She outlines the quality traits that mark the difference between frogs and princes and puts girls in the best position to achieve dating euphoria.But now that we're grown and dating living, breathing men, we realize that our beaus are just as flawed and complex as we are.He made his own wedding cake, and last year guided host Jacqueline with making one, too….

Lauren Marie Galley is a 20-year-old award winning teen mentor, TEDx Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, actress/model and President of Girls Above Society, a non-profit 501 (c3) organization dedicated to empowering tween and teen girls to be confident while maintaining positive morals and values as they face the tough pressures of today’s media driven society. Her signature “GIRL TALK” program is designed to empower and inspire girls by raising awareness, developing communication skills and cultivating self respect, which in turn empowers them to create change in their world and become their very own superhero.

Pastry chef Ron Ben-Israel and his team at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes play a fundamental role in that celebration for their clients, creating massive cakes with cascading sugar flowers, models of New York’s most iconic buildings, and pretty much…

MAY 2ND Going to an Ex’s Wedding: Sweet and supportive or scary and just plain weird?!

Many of us have been dreaming about our love story since we were young.

But now that we’re grown and dating living, breathing men, we realize that our beaus are just as flawed and complex as we are.

Lauren gives young girls a guide to live by as they grow into young adults.