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The operation has totally transformed the hard, functional character of a monotonous grey area whose sole previous purpose was to provide a support for a variety of merchandise.

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How to schedule the parallel applications to improve the quality of service is the key to the successful host of parallel applications in the cloud.Currently, genes of the model species and three crop species (potato, tomato and rice) are included.The main features of Go Map Man are (i) dynamic and interactive gene product annotation through various curation options; (ii) consolidation of gene annotations for different plant species through the integration of orthologue group information; (iii) traceability of gene ontology changes and annotations; (iv) integration of external knowledge about genes from different public resources; and (v) providing gathered information to high-throughput analysis tools via dynamically generated export files.Most of the City of Manchester is encompassed within the motorway, except for the southernmost part of the city (primarily the Wythenshawe area and Manchester Airport), which are served by the M56.The M60 is 36.1 miles (58.1 km) long and was renamed the M60 in 2000, with parts of the M62 and M66 and all of the M63 being amalgamated into the new route.The large scale of the cloud makes the parallel job scheduling more complicated as even simple parallel job scheduling problem is NP-complete.

In this paper, we propose a parallel job scheduling algorithm named MEASY.

System Simulation Lab, Mechatronics and Atuomation School, National University of Defense Technology, Hunan Province, Changsha, 410073, China Received 27 February 2012; Revised 26 June 2012; Accepted 5 July 2012Academic Editor: Rubén Ruiz García Copyright © 2012 Xiaocheng Liu et al.

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In modern plant biology, the most widely used ontologies are the Gene Ontology (GO) (1,2), Fun Cat (3) and plant-specific Gene Ontology Map Man (4).

The Map Man ontology was developed due to the limited scope of prior existing biomedical ontologies for plant-related research, more specifically, to cover plant-specific pathways and processes.

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