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Their three daughters; Mary Ellen, Sabina and Elizabeth, all died young. Charles Lawrence of Belview.)[vi] While Andrew Nugent appears to have retained ownership, his brother or another member of the family appears to have resided at Ballinderry in 1894, it being described in that year as the residence of Colonel John Comyn.Nicholas died in 1843 and was succeeded by his eldest son Andrew Nugent Comyn of Ballinderry and Ryefield. Andrew Nugent Comyn, however, was recorded as resident at Ballinderry House in the 1901 Census of Ireland.

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Burke 2015 Andrew Comyn of Ryefield, Elphin, in the barony of Frenchpark, County Roscommon married Sabina Ward, sister and heiress of Lewis Ward of Ballymacward and Ballinderry House, Kilconnell in County Galway in 1786 and through this marriage the Comyn family came to be established in the east of County Galway in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century.[i] The origin of this Comyn family (also given in sources as Cummins) is uncertain but it would appear that they were settled at Ryefield since at least from the mid seventeenth century.

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