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Internet explorer not updating favicon

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When you change the favicon for your website, it is really hard to get the new favicon to display, right?You open your website, refresh your browser again and again, delete your browser's history and everything then refresh again, but you still can not see the new favicon.

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I´ve switched the favicon of my JApurity based site to a new one that I´ve made myself. Works in Firefox in the address bar, but not in the bookmarks. you would think the "short cut" "href...'favicon.ico' in the header would force it up there, but nooooooooooooope I also have an issue with IE not showing my favicon. Not to mention that I also tried it on another laptop and the "e" came up as same thing happens to all sites....It tries to obtain that icon by first requesting for "favicon.ico" from the directory of your web page.If it cannot find such a file, it will try to obtain it from the root directory of your website, failing which, it will simply use a default icon for the bookmark.When I decided to dive in a little deeper, things got interesting.Since they were first introduced by Internet Explorer in 1999, almost nothing about favicons has changed.In fact, had he checked carefully, he would also have noticed that the icon is also used in his "Favorites" menu.

Internet Explorer ("IE") version 5.0 and above have a facility where, if someone bookmarks your website (ie puts it in their "Favorites" menu), it associates a particular icon with your website in the bookmark.

Now you should be seeing the new favicon image Hope this helps someone.

by Christopher Heng, Some time back, I had an email from a visitor asking me how I managed to have's icon displayed next to my web address (or "URL") in his browser's location bar.

A background tile color can be specified using a hex RGB color (using the six-character #RRGGBB notation), a CSS color name, or the CSS rgb() function. Also, I want to thank @alrra for telling me about tile icons.

The of my site can show up in Firefox3, Chrome5, Opera10, but NOT in IE6 and IE8. I installed the Favicon module to sites/all/modules, enabled it on my site, clicked the button "Clear cached data" at the page of admin/settings/performance, then use IE to refresh my site. My Drupal 6.17 is under, not in root. However earlier versions of IE have trouble displaying it.

They have almost-always been ICO files, either nested in the root of the domain as The classic is a 16×16 ICO file, often served in either 16-color or 24bit alpha-transparency format.