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I always felt like I was flipping through a catalogue looking for the best thing on the shelf and judging a book solely by its cover.Also, making small talk and trying to initiate an actual date was more work than I expected.

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But when my ex-husband, a dead ringer for Superman, departed into the arms of another woman and left me with two babies, I realized maybe my idea of the perfect guy was limiting my ability to meet a good man. When I first met my husband, he was far cry from my usual dating type: on the smaller side, fair haired, slim and boisterous.In honour of the season of love I decided it’s only fair that I talk about my love life and all that comes with dating in Toronto.I’ve been on many dates, some set-ups, blind dates, day dates and online dates – all very different but so memorable in their own way.Real relationships, genuine friends Fed up with the usual dating or friendship sites? If you’re looking for a real relationship and genuine friends Budsz is a great way to find them.If you’ve just settled in a new area, started a new job or university – want to meet a new partner or like to meet someone for a coffee and chat – Budsz is a fun way to do it.Press said Pokemon Go is a natural addition to their lineup.

“Project Fixup is known for creating tailored dates that enable people with similar interests to do something fun together in the real world”, said Sarah Press, cofounder and CEO of Project Fixup in a release.

Some of the dates I did end up going on ended leaving me feeling wanting more, not that these men weren’t enough, but rather we didn’t have a true connection.

We didn’t share interests or a similar perspective, one guy claimed to never watch Netflix, that definitely wouldn’t work out!

He looked more like a skateboarder than a linebacker, and he was in ministry to boot, so exotic vacations were probably limited to missionary trips.

Fortunately, I was at a point in my life where my heart was open, although I had the audacity to say to him on our first date, “I usually only date rich jerks, but it’s not working out for me.

“As soon as Pokemon Go launched, we knew it was a perfect fit for our users; Pokemon Go enthusiasts and new members alike.” “We hope Poke Dates will bring singles together to experience the joy of the game and explore their city while getting to know one another,” she added.