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Updating panther to leopard

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: Here’s what you should do: wipe your drive and start from scratch.That sounds radical, we know, but we’re such big fans of this option that we actually do this every six-months, wether or not there is an OS upgrade to be performed.

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First and the most obvious one is that according to people from Russian server who actually bought it as well as some supertesters, the tank is shit. I mean, why this tank anyway, it’s not like WG couldn’t have modelled the other Leopard prototype (with 90mm and yes, there was a version with 90mm gun) and detuned it to tier 8. Install Snow Leopard right on top of your existing Leopard install.Apple recommends this, and in most cases it’ll be an easy, painless upgrade.The method used, network bandwidth available, and types of traffic will determine the “sluggishness” factor.Minimizing the amount of data you need to transmit for screen sharing will make the process run more quickly.mac OS is the operating system that powers every Mac.

It lets you do things you simply can’t with other computers.

Last Thursday, Nancy Caroll Gravly shared her opinion on The Mac Observer, essentially saying that there is no legitimate reason not to be running the latest version of OS X on your Mac. Our thesis is that you often don’t need the latest hardware and/or operating system and/or software to get the job done, and many of us are still using Power PC Macs (or recently left them for Intel) that can’t even run the two most recent versions of Mac OS X.

Gravly uses the example of five people she knows who are still using Mac OS X 10.3 Panther on their ancient Macs.

That’s because it’s designed specifically for the hardware it runs on — and vice versa.

So your Mac works like magic with your i Phone and other Apple devices.

Of course ‘painless’ is a relative term in Cupertino, and if our experiences upgrading from Tiger to Leopard are any indication, this option leaves us a bit wary.