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For the purposes of this chapter, a “nonresident alien” shall be considered a “nonresident.”For purposes of part VII, a citizen of the United States who has continuously resided in this state for 1 year before applying for a hunting, fishing, or other license. 379.363, 379.364, 379.3711, 379.3712, 379.372, 379.373, 379.374, 379.3751, 379.3752, 379.3761, and 379.3762, the term means a citizen of the United States who has continuously resided in this state for 6 months before applying for a hunting, fishing, or other license. Such charges shall be made at the discretion of the commission.

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In addition to other criteria, these measurable biological goals shall be used by the commission when evaluating existing and proposed protection rules, and in determining progress in achieving manatee recovery. Failure to provide said evidence shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this act. All persons taking food fish from any of the waters of this state by use of seines, nets, or other fishing devices and not using any of such fish because of size or other reasons shall immediately release and return such fish alive to the water from which taken and no such fish may be placed or deposited on any bank, shore, beach or other place out of the water. The city lies approximately 60 miles west of downtown Los Angeles and is part of the larger Greater Los Angeles area.The population of Oxnard is 203,585 as of the 2012 Financial Report.For the purposes of this chapter, a “resident alien” is considered a “resident.”“Restricted species” means any species of saltwater products which the state by law, or the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by rule, has found it necessary to so designate. All moneys received for publications shall be deposited into the fund from which the cost of the publication was paid. The term includes a species of saltwater products designated by the commission as restricted within a geographical area or during a particular time period of each year. The commission is further authorized to enter into agreements with persons, firms, corporations, governmental agencies, and other institutions whereby publications may be exchanged reciprocally in lieu of payments for said publications. The Foundation has delivered education to over 260 000 students across Queensland and additionally have visited over 1000 schools and communities across Australia.

Our Walk Tall Counselling Service, provided by Act for Kids, delivers counselling to over a hundred children and their families per annum.

Oxnard is the most populous city in the Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is listed as one of the wealthiest areas in America, with its residents making well above the average national income. It is located at the western edge of the fertile Oxnard Plain, sitting adjacent to an agricultural center of strawberries and lima beans.

Oxnard is also a major transportation hub in Southern California, with Amtrak, Union Pacific, Metrolink, Greyhound, and Intercalifornia stopping in Oxnard.

The original Daniel Morcombe Foundation started in the kitchen of Bruce and Denise's Palmwoods home in 2005.

Since this time Bruce and Denise have campaigned to make Australia a safer place for all children in Australia.

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