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It can be used to find the absorption spectrum of different liquids and find absorption spectrums.

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If you would like to check out the weather in Mt Aspiring National Park click the webcam which is located at the Whare Kea mountain chalet in the heart of the Te Wahipounamu - Southwest New Zealand World Heritage Area.You may change the current view using the dropdown box below.Please be courteous of other users who may also be trying to watch a particular view.Using this equation if you know the molar absorptivity e, path length of the cuvette l you can work out the concentration c from the absorbance of light A.This is used by almost all chemistry and biology laboratories to work out concentration of solutions.The page contains still images captured from the Tekapo Tourism HD web camera and Roundhill Ski Area web camera.

Views from the web cam include a panorama of the lake and village and points of interest around the Tekapo area Click on an image to open in full HD viewer Weather views update every 15mins on the quarter hour Click on the images to open in new window at larger size.

The view is looking south towards Lake Tekapo village and Mt John. In addition in addition to our HD camera capturing still images, we have a dedicated, interactive, live video camera that allows visitors to select from a list of 20 preset views and watch while the camera moves to that view.

No queue exists on the camera, so please be patient and courteous to others.

Last year I started designing the spectrometer/spectrophotometer.

It is not really too related with nanotechnology it could be used however to do some characterization of nano particles.

A spectrometer works by splitting light made of many wavelengths (e.g.