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Google latitude not updating friends location

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A Google spokeswoman told Computerworld at the time that the company took user feedback about privacy seriously and was adding notifications to alert users when Latitude was turned on.Eight years later, the privacy concerns haven't gone away, but by and large, the outcry has been a footnote to the story.

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More importantly, however, Latitude drops on the i Phone a week after Foursquare announced that it had topped five million users.In 2009, when smartphones were still in their infancy, Google introduced something called Latitude.The Latitude app, to quote Google's blog post announcing it, "allows you to share your location with your friends and to see their approximate locations, if they choose to share them with you." In other words, it's almost the exact same feature Google is now touting as the hot new thing. Here is Google Latitude, circa 2009: The interfaces look almost identical, even though technology has changed dramatically in the past eight years.Using the new Google Maps update “Share Your Location,” friends can track your route and know when you will arrive.What share your location does When you share your location using Google Maps, your friends can follow where you are in real time. Users can share their location for a limited period of time that they choose.And you thought Facebook Places was late to the game.

Google Latitude, Google’s location-sharing app, launched Monday on the i Phone, letting users automatically reveal their location to their other friends 24/7.

You can even send your location to people who do not have a smart phone.

If they use a computer, they can see where you are on the Google Maps website - provided you have shared your location with them.

(The initial version of Google Latitude was for Black Berry phones.) At the time Latitude was launched, the app drew widespread privacy concerns.

Privacy International, a European watchdog group, published a report highlighting the risk that users might not be aware Latitude was enabled and could thus track their whereabouts.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this is how the app will look to a lot of people who try the app for the first time. Well, in the upper righthand corner there are two buttons.