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Antin dating

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Don't get me wrong, there are laughs, but it could've been a lot funnier.I blame part of the failed comic attempts on the writing and part on the actors. Some of the Hispanic actors really seemed to struggle with the English dialogue.

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His stories are dark, violent and sexy tales about revenge and murder, and he now seems to be caught up in living one of his stories.I think what mainly makes the film work for me is the fast pace.Despite how silly each situation is, the pace is fast enough to prevent you from dwelling on the silliness.It depicts the girls being arrested by the police, after they tattoo the word "ugly" on a man's face.It was watched 2.5 million times in less than a week following its release.Frank is soon trapped in a nightmare where he seems to be making a movie based on one of his novels.

He has a strange encounter with a pair of sexy strippers, who torment him.

In comedy, it's all about timing, so the expression of the dialogue must be on target.

I give the actors points for effort, but all that hard work could've been spared if they spoke in their native language.

A mere two months after the Bachelor couple announced their split, she is dating a man by the name of Devin Antin that she had been friends with prior to starring on “She is really happy with Devin and they’re having a great time together.” Yeah, that’s my suspicion.

The relationship was probably over long before they announced it.

Burlesque is the second film from writer/director Dominic Deacon, whose first feature, the dark trashy "nunsploitation" thriller Bad Habits, proved to be a winner at MUFF 2009, picking up awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actress.