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Jackies dating lists

A devotion to women and their complexities is at the heart of all of the creative endeavors undertaken by Miranda July, the artist, writer, filmmaker — and radically motivated movie mogul.The latter gig, begun in 1995, was inspired by the Riot Grrrl scene then raging in Portland, Ore.

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But beneath that icy surface was a passionate woman who needed the closeness of men every bit as much as her philandering husband Jack Kennedy needed other women, reveals a blockbuster new biography.Jackie is also known to be very insecure about herself as when she dated Hyde, every time he made a comment about another lady she immediately became insecure about herself and demanded him to call that lady ugly.After her breakup with Kelso in Season 2, Jackie keeps hanging out in Eric's basement, a sign that her status has grown.She likes to give advice which often sounds typically thoughtless and superficial, but turns out to be occasionally correct.She is rich, spoiled, conceited, and irritating, and is never really invited into the circle of friends--but believes she has a VIP pass into the group because she is dating Kelso, who is a member.Washington coach Mike Neighbors called it the greatest performance he has seen in Plum's standout four-year career."Utah knew what we were doing," he said.

"They knew we were going to set a ball screen at some point in time and Kelsey was going to drive it -- and you still can't stop it.

The Washington senior entered her final regular-season home game Saturday at Alaska Airlines Arena needing 54 points against Utah to pass Jackie Stiles as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA Division I women's basketball history.

Plum got there with a historic effort, scoring a school-record -- men's or women's -- 57 to help the Huskies beat the Utes 84-77.

He was a great chaser." Kennedy's amorous proclivities began long before he reached the Oval Office.

As a still-single Massachusetts Congressman in the 1940s and early 1950s, he indulged himself with what his friend, New Jersey Congressman Frank Thompson, Jr., called a "smorgasbord of women." According to biographers Meagher and Gragg, Kennedy's lovers were prominent, accomplished women, as well as strippers, airline stewardesses, and secretaries.

According to Plum, 57 is the most points she has ever scored in a game dating back to high school. Even as the opposing coach, you stand there and you say, 'Holy cow.'"Plum's secret sauce? She has been feeling under the weather, and couldn't wait to get back to the bench during timeouts to have more applesauce for sustenance.