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Dating is a form of prostitution

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Three years ago, Boston seemed an unlikely sugar daddy.A married Mormon with three sons, he had a Cupertino condo, an Apple paycheck, and a vanilla sex life.

“I was skeptical at first about it because I was like, this is like the kind of thing that could attract a lot of creeps, but [it was] actually really nice.” A few dates later — and only two weeks in — she found a 40-something finance professional offering to pay her $1,000 every 10 days, in exchange for her company at dinner, over drinks and on occasional weekend trips. “I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do,” Megan says. Her goal is to graduate debt-free, though she concedes that’s unlikely to happen; yearly tuition for her program at NYU is $68,000, and with cost of living, it’s nearly $100,000. I haven’t been really able to attack the principal amount on my loan.” Her current arrangement with another sugar daddy is for $300 each week. I’m glad that I’m not in the position to have to bring that up. it’s always the same, what brought you to this site? But instead of johns and tricks, here it’s “dates” and “arrangements.” If that sounds like prostitution, well . “On Seeking Arrangement, people are coming to find their ideal relationship. These men are shelling out $3,000 a month for a sugar baby.The book continues to say that in marriage the loss of one's personality in the sex act is compensated for by the fact that one acquires the other's personality in turn, and in marriage, couples have the exclusive possession of the use of their partners, a right not enjoyed by either prostitutes or their customers.So the difference between prostitution and marriage lies in the fact that marriage preserves the right of humanity to copulate through a contract.Sandra Mc Calla, lecturer in philosophy in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of the West Indies, says one interpretation of Kant's view is that a prostitute-client relationship involves one person treating another as mere means to an end."A prostitute is therefore objectified and in turn her autonomy is denied, whereas in a marriage this is not exactly the case because of the contractual agreement where the degradation of humanity involved in being used sexually by another is at least mutual and voluntary," Mc Calla explained.But the lecturer said if one should examine Kant's views carefully they would find that the differences he lists between prostitution and marriage become problematic depending on the kind of prostitution that is being examined, as one cannot rightfully say that autonomy is threatened if an act is done freely."We can agree that some acts of prostitution are not forced."They're looking for alternative sources, and we happen to be one of those sources," said website spokesperson, Jennifer Gwynn.

Eighty-four OU students joined the sugar daddy website in 2013 to help soak up the cost of a college education.

Boston is one of a growing number of 21st-century sugar daddies: well-off men who unabashedly pay for female companionship, friendship, and sex.

And he’s probably getting more of the latter than most of the other men here.

She says she uses the money on bills and modest indulgences, like organic food and an occasional plane ticket home. She says sometimes getting to the point of agreement on the money is often a little uncomfortable. Usually after a half an hour or an hour there might be like a silence in the conversation and then they’ll be like . That’s not something that a man is going to spend for a simple, one-night engagement.” Seeking Arrangement actively pursues college-age students and lures the financially vulnerable demographic with free premium memberships (which provide increased exposure and messaging capabilities) if they subscribe with a dot-edu e-mail address.

Since offering the upgraded memberships in 2011, the site has seen an increase of 58% in its college enrollees.

IT has been argued by many that marriage is long-term prostitution, wherein women are trading sex for economic security.