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basically everything, from daily routines to random, casual habits.led_mode=1 - the green led blinks while searching for a connection and when connected. See here for the meaning of the different blinking rates. This function is currently not implemented in the user interface and instructs the camera to start a patrol at a defined interval, here 30 seconds.Live image (refreshing every 10 minutes) of Table Mountain in Cape Town (South Africa) with the peak of Lion's Head and Signal Hill visible to the right and Devil's Peak on the left.Directly below Table Mountain is the City Bowl, fronted by Cape Town harbour and V&A Waterfront. Nearest to the viewer is Milnerton Lagoon and the houses of Woodbridge Island.If you tried Milestone XProtect in the past and were frustrated by installation and configuration issues, XProtect 2013 goes a long way to make that easier.

Milestone XProtect is available in multiple versions of XProtect raging from their free Go version up to their Corporate version.

You can export video to keep a copy forever, but it will only store 5 days on it’s own.

May seem like a big limitation but in my experience, it’s rare that one would review video older than a few days old.

The following is a selection of CGI functions that can be used with Foscam ip cameras.

They are issued through the URL line of a browser and can be used as convenient shortcuts to features that are not ideally accessible in the original UI, like the network activity led, which is located on a page that requires a reboot while the function itself could be activated instantly.

I’m not going to explain the difference between all the version as Milestone does a much better job of it HERE.