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In the Filipino language, this means good credit; others would argue that it means "it's good to have a debt.""NO PARKING HERE." That's a sign on the side of a road in Garapan.

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Oasis has substantial operations in Australia, as well as strong positions in emerging markets throughout Latin America.Another Friend has a France personals list that is unmatched by any others.While Oasis has a completely free model, RSVP's business model includes a cost element beyond sign-up and initial contact.Ludwig then jumped up in your bed and pulled your (h/c) hair."Okay, okay!but it's a lot of trouble i don't feel like dealing up with me here: here: you care.LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see i seem like mintues from now i'll be cryin my eyes then i'll be asleep till tomorrow.happens everyday."teacher im chemically imbalanced can i skip?

Fake love feels like your heart is full, but It's dying.

An acquisition within the 3-D modeling space While everybody is waiting to see what is going to happen between Microsoft and Yahoo, the first made yet another technology acquisition bought the 3D modeling and animation software company called Caligari to further improve its Virtual Earth.

"EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK." That's the sign posted on the wall of a restaurant, reminding customers that fish dishes are served with bones.


Heart-break feels like someone just punched a hole through your chest,grabbed your heart and ate it while you watched.

A house for rent ad in the paper: "NICE, QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD." it's near a cemetery.