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Peale’s ministry and influence throughout the world of the 20th century. Norman Vincent Peale have been gone for some time now, their legacy lives on in the newly created Museum memorializing Dr. She will maintain her office at the museum site, which occupies the original building with its entrance on Rt. George was instrumental in the organization and cataloguing of the 398,000 personal archives that have been brought here and will be on display in rotation, to commemorate Dr.

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For more information, check out the introductory post: So, just stay tuned for updates about it over the next few weeks!According to many, people in Lebanon are meeting through Facebook.And regardless if they are advertising it or not, as a sociologist, this signals a few things to me. “A great partnership”, says Elizabeth Peale Allen, daughter and well known Pawling resident. George Hart, the museum archivist, curator, director, and Peale historian was kind enough to give me a personal tour of this new and important addition to our community, and his wealth of knowledge about the life and times of this towering figure and his family is inspiring.When the museum officially opens, (an opening and dedication is in the planning stages), visitors and researchers will have access to 750 sermons on audio and 150 sermons on video, dating as far back as the 1920’s, available in two separate rooms designated for viewing and listening purposes.Billy and his magazine colleague, Celia Morales, get assigned an article on video dating.

Alison gets a jeep as a gift from Steve and goes to visit him on his ranch where she tells him that they can't see each other anymore and he leaves for Europe.

Luckily Annabel was coming in a weeks time and we were going to try to get her to get one for me.

I think in summary I’m afraid of forgetting things when I go traveling…

The first (as I have mentioned) is there is a lack of (public) social space available to meet people in a face-to-face location.

The second is that the Internet allows access to groups or individuals who are either in their networks or outside of it; thus, unlocking new connections. Or of course, this: Truthfully, online dating has grown in popularity almost exponentially since it's inception in the 1990's in Internet chatrooms and on video dating services--at least in the United States.

A research library is also on premises with many volumes catalogued and computerized. Almost eighty years later, Pawling remains the beneficiary of their rich and wonderful legacy.