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Romanian dating traditions

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Historically Bucovina started to be called this way in 1775, before that being part of the Moldavian Country and was double in size until 1940 when half of it was given to Ukraine after the World War II.

Many women do not have families or compatible friends who wish to travel.The most famous region of Romania, called also Ardeal is the Central West part of Romania.Of course its fame comes from Count Dracula whose legend derives from the one of ruller Vlad the Impaler.When going on a main-stream tour, women often find that most activities are geared towards couples and quite often they feel left out.Singles' tours are not always what women are looking for.At that time they started living with people who were already there and throughout the history they had to deal and live with Tartars and Turks, the Hapsburg who repopulated devastated areas with Slovaks, Germans, Slovens, Serbians and Romanians, just to mention some.

So, you can find Hungarians with Turkish, Slovak, German, Croatian, Serbian, Jew, Russian and Romanian backgrounds and physical features.

If you do not have a traveling companion, there is also the issue of the expensive "single supplement", sometimes as much as 50 or even 100 percent of the tour cost.

By going on women-only tours, women can easily avoid paying for the single supplement by sharing a room with another woman traveler.

Generally speaking, the best time of year to visit is from late spring to early autumn (May to September) as it affords visitors the warmer and sunnier weather.

Maramures is famous for: Bucovina is the North Eastern region of Romania named also the “Beech country”.

comprises almost 20,000 traditional folk costumes, some dating from the beginning of the 19th century, giving visitors insight into the styles and traditions of the Romanian peasants.