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Code for validating email address in php

If you want a PHP script to verify an email address then use this quick and simple PHP regular expression for email validation.This is also case-insensitive, so it will treat all characters as lower case.

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How to check if an email address is valid in PHP: use one of the Filter functions, like this: $email1 = "[email protected]"; // not a valid email $email2 = "[email protected]"; // valid email $clean_email1 = filter_var($email1, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL); // $clean_email1 = false $clean_email2 = filter_var($email2, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL); // $clean_email2 = [email protected] The Filter extension was new in PHP 5.2, but is one of the unsung heroes of the language.I have defined the email field I am using a valid "Send to" email address I have ticked "Send email using your email address" and the emails are being sent I have ticked "Define email address in php script"My sever does support php. OK I have done some further checking: the mail is sent via does have a email validity checker, but it does not warn the user if they have typed an invalid email address. I assumed the RW form would validate an email address.I think it would be preferable if I have set a reply-to email as a required field, to warn the user if their email is invalid. Should the code just be pasted into the "Begin variables to be written out by Rapid Weaver //" section at the end of the section? I think it's a great and extremely necessary option to make the RW form viable.So here is the php script I think you should use everytime you have a form with 'email address' input : Now you can use this function with the email address you want to verify as parameter, and it will return you true if it valide and false if it is not.This nice function will not know if an email exist really or not, it just verifies the syntax and the domain name, for example will not know that [email protected] not valide, but knows that [email protected] an invalid email address . While it does send messages, it does not validate email addresses. I would be happy with just a simple string validation (test if there is a @ and a dot).

cheers Rob To clarify: I am receiving emails, but some people are not filling out the (return) email section correctly and therefore I can't reply to them.

A recaptcha option would be also be appreciated, but maybe that's asking too much.

When working with forms and interacting with your visitors, you may want to verify if your visitor entered an email address in the right field, and if it is valide or not.

Many applications in the field of Web development need to validate email addresses.

While this can be done in a variety of ways, one simple but effective way involves writing your own functions in PHP. Within the huge and fascinating field of Web development, one of the most common tasks that many applications have to deal with is, undoubtedly, verifying whether a user email address is valid.

It would be nice if the script could warn users that they have not entered a valid email address.