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Taliban dating agency

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His latest death, according to the usual sources, could have occurred two or three years ago – before Isis began making inroads into his turf – so if he turns out to be still alive, he must surely be Emir of the Undead.

He approved of the elimination of murderers, adulterers and statues of Buddha, and was held in awe by young men who thought nothing of hanging television sets from trees to show their contempt for graven images – and, quite possibly, journalists.Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees said it was aware of the letters but that no statistics are kept on them.Spokeswoman Susanne Eikemeier said that since such letters are not official documents, the weight granted to them is generally limited.Japan is on alert after the country's coast guard encountered a boat armed with a rifle in its exclusive economic zone.The boat is believed to be of North Korean origin, and may be under the jurisdiction of Pyongyang's military, Japan's Jiji Press reported.The CIA and MI6 and the Russian FSB and the Pakistani ISI, he said, declare their enemies dead to provoke them into popping up their heads and revealing their location. Searching around for “sources”, the poor journos have to write cruelly obfuscatory obituaries just in case the old panjandrum has actually kicked the bucket.

So in this familiar and rather gruesome tradition, here goes: Mullah Omar, possibly the son-in-law of Bin Laden but very definitely one-eyed, declared himself the Emir of the Faithful in 1996 – even dressing up in the Prophet’s cloak (if it was the Prophet’s cloak) in Kandahar – then led his Taliban purists to victory against the mujahedin fighters who had driven the Russians out of what quickly became the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets; many had no coats.

They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement.

How many times do you have to kill a man before he dies? The Top People’s Paper even killed off Ayatollah Khomeini – of cancer – long before the old boy expired.

Not for the first time Mullah Mohammad Omar, Emir of the Faithful, friend and protector of Osama bin Laden, creator of the Taliban, destroyer of graven images, has died. If all the stories were true, these folk would have outdone the most important Resurrection of all, several times over.

The brilliant examination of the ‘Holocaust’ by Anthony Lawson has since been censored on the basis of a false Copyright infrigment.