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I'm beginning to think there should be a separate shiksa membership to this site -- dictionary included. Your answer will show up alongside your profile photo in this chat room of sorts, and people can comment, like, or click to send a little love tap your way.

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The IVF process worked and I am in my 18th week as I type this.In the month that followed, I decided to give JDate a try because my new found perspective on life made me eager to find my Beshert. It was a Sunday morning and we agreed to meet for coffee later that night.Our first date was short and sweet and left us both wanting to find out more about each other.Is there a perfect time to tell a man who may be interested in dating me that I’m going to have a baby this summer?In an effort to figure out the answer to this question, I’ve tried a few approaches: First, I was introduced to a guy just after my transfer (this is the part of the IVF process when they actually float the embryo into your uterus and hope it sticks). I X his face away, but it's immediately replaced by three more.

As I'm contemplating a future filled with flats and neck pain, an irksome, Nokia-esque noise begins to ping from my screen. The face of a 55-year-old man is leering at me, asking if I would like to chat. "Jew Got Soul has viewed your profile." I feel so violated.

If you have spent any time on Jdate–or any other dating site, for that matter–you know that there are lots of checkboxes.

You can check off that you are single, separated, divorced, or widowed.

In 2012, he established Jfiix, the modern millennial take on Jewish dating.

“JDate was fine for Generation X, but the 20-somethings today are looking for a more mobile-oriented experience – hence the overwhelming popularity of Tinder and its imitators.

Later that week, we went for dinner at a hole in the wall Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side and that’s when we knew that there was real potential.